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Kittiez realizes what our industry is lacking, a place for men to be pampered. Kittiez specializes in haircuts for men, but also offers a wide array of grooming services and products. We provide quality men’s haircuts, straight razor shaves, , and skin services. Our sophisticated clients aren’t your average hair salon patrons. They are an exclusive group that are in touch with today’s trends.We believe intelligent customers choose the best.

Kittiez offers a variety of men’s haircut and grooming packages for approximately the same price as our competitors basic men’s haircut. Being experts in the art of men’s haircuts and grooming, we also offer services for women and children. We are a one stop shop service provider for men. Look Good Live Great.


Kittiez Haircuts For Men – Sunnyvale
605 E. El Camino Real #3
Sunnyvale, Ca 94087

Kittiez Haircuts For Men – San Jose
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San Jose, Ca 95129
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We welcome inquiries from confident professionals who are motivated to work as a team to connect with our clients and deliver exceptional customer service.

Why Kittiez?

-Immediate Clientele
-Team Environment
-Guaranteed pay
-Leadership and growth opportunities

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“the original Haircuts for men’
We don’t lead the industry. We own It. you should too.
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Click the store tab to view our private label hair products. Kz Men’s line of hair care products is for that sophisticated alpha male on the prowl. Each formula is designed to keep up with your demanding lifestyle, while keeping your look on point. Show off your personalty with rocking hairstyles that hold all day and night.

Ditch the products that are all bark, and no bite! Get supreme hold, lasting style, and no harmful chemicals. Sodium Chloride? Forget about it! Alcohol? Only in a glass! Every product by Kz Men is 100% free of both sodium chloride and alcohol to ensure your hair’s vibrancy and life. No need to worry about those nasty parabens either! What’s not to love?

The hair care game has been redefined and no, this isn’t your girlfriend’s hair products! Kz Men; Sophistication defined.

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